Desert Daze

Escaping to the desert is always my favorite. It is quiet, serene & of course, HOT! It is the best and closest escape from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and I am so happy it is just a hop, skip & jump away. Keep reading below to find out what I did while in Palm Springs for the weekend.Palm Springs:

If you have never been to Palm Springs then it is seriously going to blow you away. The scenery is all so beautiful it literally looks fake, like a green screen. It’s so crazy and mesmerizing. We pretty much just laid out, went to the spa and then walked around downtown Palm Springs a bit and went to all of the shops. Two MUST go to food spots here would be Bill’s Pizza and Wilma & Frieda.

Bill’s Pizza is just bomb pizza made with sour dough bread and the creamiest ranch you could ever dream of! Wilma & Frieda is the cutest MOST delicious breakfast and lunch spot. It is only open ’till 3pm and will always have a wait so just be mentally prepared for both of those things. They have fresh home-made pastries that will make you want to take one of each home! Joshua Tree:

This was my first time going to Joshua Tree and I loved it. It is about a 45 minute drive from Indian Wells but an easy drive just on the freeway. Joshua Tree National Park was exactly what I was expecting it to be. We went to the welcome station and paid our entrance fee, snagged some cool pins & patches and went on our way to our hike! We did the Mastodone Peak hike which was a moderate hike. It’s 3 miles round trip and takes about an hour and a half to two and a half hours ~depending on how many polaroids you take~ duh! We did it pretty quickly though, about two hours and took a ton of polaroids, naturally. This hike is also a loop which I really liked. Makes it easier knowing that it’s one big circle. This trail also loops by an old gold mine which was pretty cool to see! We got to the park super early so we had no trouble parking but when we were done with the trail the parking was out of control and soooo crowded. So, I would suggest getting there early! Salvation Mountain:

This was a TREK ya’ll. And that is seriously no exaggeration. It was about an hour and 45 min drive from Indian Wells. Once you get off the freeway you get on this little two-lane road that is in the middle of nowhere. There’s absolutely nothing on this road. No pit-stops for going to the bathroom, food or gasoline. So before you get on this road BE PREPARED! Also, on this route you will drive past a lake and it’s just weird and doesn’t seem like it should be there, in my opinion. But yeah, that’ll be there.

SO, once you get to Salvation Mountain make sure you stay on the yellow brick road or the crazy man that lives next to it will yell at you ~me and my friend got yelled at, or whateva~ He wants to conserve the art and he is v serious about it. The art was really cool and neat to think that someone just created all of this out of sand and tons of paint cans. I already cannot wait for my next desert get away! It seriously makes me feel so relaxed and refreshed going there!

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