Rose Bowl Flea Market

I FINALLY ventured to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and it did not disappoint. I have been wanting to go to this since I moved to LA so it has been on my list for about 3 years now ~wow how have I lived in Los Angeles for three years already!?~ I went with my sisters and best friend and we left Santa Monica at around 8ish and got to the flea at around 9am. It is in Pasadena so it is a little bit of a drive.

The earlier you go to the flea market the more expensive it is. When we got there we paid $9 to enter. If you are going to the flea to find cool furniture I would definitely suggest going earlier and paying $20 to get in because all of the amazing, unique and cool furniture was already paid and spoken for at that time.

Before I went to the flea market I had a list of things I was hoping to find while there and crazy enough I found almost all of them! I got a vintage shirt (Tommy Hilfiger), Disney pins (THANK GOD), jewelry and vintage Levi’s! This market is hugeeeeee and I honestly don’t think we even covered half of it! If we wanted to see the whole thing it would for sure be an all day activity.

There are places for food and drink which is nice and lots of puppies running about! The Rose Bowl Flea Market happens once a month and it is the second Sunday of every month! Be sure to check it out for a fun Sunday activity and some good vintage finds!

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