Space is a huge trend right now but I have always loved space. Learning about the solar system and making the diorama in school was always so fascinating to me (or watching my Mom and sisters put it together for me so it looked pretty was fascinating – haha) It’s crazy to think though that there are all these other planets out there that we don’t know all too much about. I could go on and on about wormholes and if we can get from universe to universe (thanks Dad for having me watch so much SciFi with you haha) but I am going to go ahead and start talking about my space inspired outfit instead! Keep reading to see what I’m wearing and where you can get it too! XO

NASA Logo T-Shirt//GRLFRND Karolina High Waist Skinny Jeans//Gucci ‘New Ace’ Low Top Sneaker//Pop & Suki Personalized Leather Box Bag

I have been wanting to try GRLFRND denim for a while because there has been a lot of hype about them. I wanted to see how they fit compared to the Re-Done Denim and I will say they fit a lot better and are a much truer fit. They are still almost all cotton so have that vintage look and feel but the sizing isn’t so out of wack. I love this Karolina pair because they aren’t too skinny at the bottom. They flair out a bit sort of like a boot cut which is a nice change from the rest of my jeans. I tucked my NASA shirt into the jeans which made for a very clean, cool-girl look.

Now, we gotta talk about my Gucci sneakers. I am so obsessed with them they are everything I have always wanted. Glitter AND space – what more could a nerdy girl want! Since they are glittery sneakers they do leave a bit of glitter wherever they go but that just means people will remember you and your cool sneaks! Also, while wearing these I get at least 5 random compliments from strangers every time – it’s awesome.

And then, of course, I love anything and everything Pop & Suki so when I saw this perfectly adorably square bag that looks like mini luggage I bought it immediately with zero regrets. I love it so so much!

Are you guys as obsessed with space as I am!? Be sure to let me know πŸ™‚

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