In the words of Ricky Bobby – if you’re not first, you’re last!I had never attended a NASCAR event before but my best friend from college was in town visiting and she works for NASCAR so I thought now is as good as a time than ever to experience it! We got there about 2 hours early and pre-gamed in the parking lot. That was the perfect amount of time. We drank some and got to know the crazies that parked next to us! NASCAR is interesting because everyone is just drinking in the parking lot, it’s very carefree.

My friend was able to get us special hot passes where we got to be in the pit and watch the drivers change the tires on the cars. I learned more about NASCAR than I thought I would honestly. And having your best friend who knows the inside scoop telling me everything they are doing was very helpful!

It was a chilly day which was actually kind of nice or else I would have been sweating my booty off! I just wore some Re/Done denim and a NASCAR cropped sweatshirt and some old school Reeboks. A classic Haley look if you will! And of course I had ear plugs in!! Definitely one hundred percent wear ear plugs! It is SO loud!

I would say NASCAR is something fun that everyone should experience sometime in their life! Have an open mind and a stomach ready for hot dogs and beer!

Have any of you ever been to a NASCAR race? Be sure to let me know! Shake & bake baby!

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