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Business casual is always a bit of a confusing dress code guideline if you ask me. While, I know this is not what people traditionally mean by business casual I went and ahead and did my very untraditional take on it. Wearing a superrrrr casual outfit and then throwing a blazer on to top off the look has been a go-to recently. I mean, if you’re wearing a blazer no one can tell you that you aren’t dressed nice enough, right!? Keep reading to see how I took a super casual outfit and threw a blazer on top of it to make it a little more put together and a little less slobby looking.

Topshop Boyfriend Jeans//Free People Intimatley FP Solid Rib Brami Crop Top//Madewell Blazer//Comme des Garçons PLAY x Converse Chuck Taylor Hidden Heart High Top Sneaker

These jeans are SO RIPPED it is insane. They are super fun to wear however because they always get a good reaction and are a great conversation starter. I went ahead and paired my favorite Free People Tank with this in their newest color olive green. I am a big olive green fan so was super stoked when this cami came out in that color.

Since the jeans are kinda short on me (I am 5’9” so giant for a female) I went ahead and put my high top CDG Converse with them! They fit the pant perfectly and make it so I don’t feel like I’m wearing high waters as much. Then I topped it off with a black velour blazer that I am obsessed with.

There are so many ways to wear blazers that I don’t think people realize. Blazers don’t have to be so uptight and businessy. They can be a statement piece that you throw on to spice up an outfit! That’s why I love them and think you all should give them a try out. Blazers are sure to keep you Vest Dressed!

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