How to Wear a Long Sleeve Dress

In the Spring in Southern California having cute long sleeve dresses is key. Unfortunately, it isn’t consistently warm here until July. We are going through May gray right now and right after that June gloom will hit. So having sleeves is necessary since it goes in and out of being hot and cold. Keep reading below to see if I dressed it up or down ~I’m sure you can guess if you read my blog frequently 😜~BP Long Sleeve Snap Front Midi Dress//Sam Edelman Faux-Fur Pompom Sneakers

Yupppp you guessed it, I put some fun sneakers with this outfit! This dress makes my booootyyyy POP & I love it haha it’s such a simple dress but looks amazing once put on your body.

You could easily dress this outfit up by switching out the sneakers with a pair of heels and putting your hair up would make it a very sophisticated look.

Be sure to try a dress on that maybe doesn’t have the best hanger appeal because it could fit AMAZING once it’s on. And, most importantly, it’ll be sure to keep you Vest Dressed πŸ’ž

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