Motorcycle Chic

The first thing my Mom said to me when I came down wearing this outfit was ‘where’s your helmut?’ While she thought it was hilarious I definitely looked at her a bit blankly and she said ya know like a motorcyclist in your leather. I told her I am fashion not a motorcycle driver…but here I am… naming my post motorcycle chic *eye roll emoji*

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Cozy Winter Outfit

Winter or maybe it’s just known as fall here in Southern California has hit and is in full effect. Even though I have lived all over and on the East Coast and in the MidWest I still get soooo cold when it drops below 70 here in Cali. So, I went and bought this amazing warm scarf that I wear more like a shawl! It is so big I tell people it’s a blanket, haha it is really so cozy I love it! AND the best part is that it is on sale so you all have lucked out!

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Pink Pants

I love wearing colorful jeans. I think it is such a nice change up and keeps the wardrobe looking fresh. Blush pink is one of my favorite colors right now so of course when I saw these I knew I had to get them! Keep reading below to see my new favorite layering technique and how I styled these jeans! XO Haley

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Workout Wear

I love working out and nothing motivates me more than new, bright, cute and colorful workout clothes!!! I have recently been wanting to try a bunch of new workout legging brands and I finally splurged and bought a few of the brands I have been looking at. I am still in search of more awesome workout tops though so if you have any suggestions let me know below! Keep reading to get all of the details on my new workout outfit!

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you’re so classic

There is nothing better than layering in cozy clothes when it gets cold out. A fashionable sweatshirt with a jacket on top is for sure one of my favorite looks. Keep reading below to get my sweatshirt details! XO Haley

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NYE x Naturalizer

New Years Eve is just around the corner and picking out what to wear and the perfect shoe to wear are very important. You’re going to be in this outfit all night and ringing in a brand New Year with it so you gotta make sure it’s a good one! I’m planning on wearing a silver sparkly sequin skirt of my dreams and the cutest most comfortable booties ever! Keep reading to get the look! XO Haley

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Fosse Inspired

This outfit definitely made me think of Bob Fosse when I put it on! I think it had to do with the hat but either way I like that it made me feel like that haha for those of you who aren’t familiar he was a very popular and talented dancer. Anywhooooo keep reading below to see what I’m talking about! XO Haley

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Velvet Jacket

As ifffff you guys are even shocked I own this bad boy, I mean, come on. This jacket is so awesome and screams my name! Keep reading below to see how I styled it! XO Haley Topshop Bonded Velvet Jacket//Madewell ‘Whisper’ Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee//Madewell Highrise Denim Shorts//Gucci Marmont Logo Leather Belt//Vetements Metallic Logo Socks//Vans

This jacket turned a rather boring outfit into an amazing one. The bright berry hue of this crushed velvet jacket will bring life into any outfit. When it gets colder in California (which I think it’s about to) I will definitely be wearing this jacket with dresses and jeans! I will say, I wish this jacket was lined with something warm and cozy. It would make it so so so much better!

As of late I am super obsessed with Vetements so these logo socks that stick out of my vans were one hundred percent the vibe. I love wearing socks outside of my shoes! It is so funky and allows you to show off more of your personality.

Be sure to try out a velour trucker jacket this Fall to keep you Vest Dressed!

Brown Leather

Santa Monica Place always has really cool wall murals and while this new sunglass one seems so summery I love it! Keep reading below to find out what I am wearing! Express High Waisted Leather Pencil Skirt//N:PHILANTHROPY Alexa Deconstructed Tee//Gucci Sunglasses//Nike Shoes

A mid-length pencil skirt is great for me because it is the perfect length since I am so tall. I love that this skirt is brown since I don’t have a lot of brown in my wardrobe.

I am recently obsessed with this brand Philanthropy which is the top I am wearing. They make a lot of their clothes with rips and holes in them which is their signature. The tops are very thin so definitely only for style not warmth.

Be sure to get yourself a brown leather skirt this Fall to keep you Vest Dressed!