On Friday I went and visited the Louis Vuitton Series 2 exhibit in Los Angeles! This exhibit was extremely innovative and very visually appealing.  There were about seven different rooms that the exhibit takes you through. Each room has a different visual for everyone to look at. It was so exciting and entertaining, I definitely suggest everyone checking it out if they are in LA!IMG_3754

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LA Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Or in my case I should say Glalentine’s Day! I had such a fun day today hanging out with my sister, her pup, and my new bestie! I started out the day by going to see the LOVE wall again! This wall has just been repainted about two weeks ago so even though I have already done a post in front of it, I thought why not do another on the one, the only, VALENTINE’S DAY!IMG_4893

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Rockin’ the Taschen

This past weekend my sister and I went and discovered some more of LA (obvi!) We heard about the Taschen Gallery wall so we had to go see it for ourselves. The wall says “THE ROLLING STONES IN PHOTOGRAPHS” in HOT PINK neon letters! I absolutely loved these letters and they made for the perfect backdrop for a blog post!FullSizeRender 6


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Playful Patterns

Today my sister and I went to the Arts District to see all of the amazing street art that is covering the streets from head to toe! It was so neat to see all of the art and to explore another part of downtown Los Angeles. Of course while going to the Arts District I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for backdrops for one of my blog posts! This post is all about patterns, patterns, and MORE patterns!! I love mixing and matching patterns, keeps my style funky fresh!IMG_3073


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Like Mother, like Daughter

While in St.Martin they have all of these tents that the local people put up and they sell so much stuff! Each tent is filled with dresses, shirts, jewelry, purses, and literally anything else you could imagine! They are so fun to look around at! I think I spent about two hours total strolling through but I could have spent five hours because there was so much to see!  The tents all set up look like this…


While shopping around my Mom (vestrb) found the cutest dress! Once I saw her try it on I knew I had to get it too! I loved how it looked on her so I got the same one for myself in white! It was so fun to have a matching dress with my beautiful Mom!  Below I will show the dresses!  I am wearing a top knot with mine that made me feel very festive in my new dress!  I also have Flash Tatoos on and I am wearing Jack Rogers with my dress!FullSizeRender-4


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Fact: Arm Candy is Better than Man Candy

Let’s just say I am beyond obsessed with arm candy. If I don’t have all of my bracelets on I feel naked! I recently just got back from a vacation in Saint Martin and I bought a bracelet from a brand called Halcyon Days. Halcyon Days bracelets are so cute and they are from London! Halcyon Days bracelets also have all three royal warrants, which is extremely rare! Love the hype around Kate and all the Royals? Well, they wear this brand! Halcyon Days are popular for their hinged enamel bangles that come in three different sizes. I absolutely love my Halcyon Days hinged bangle and I cannot wait to get more so I can layer them all together!IMG_3092IMG_3091IMG_3088 Kate Spade also makes some great arm candy for layering. I love Kate Spade jewelry because it is a good price point and it wears really well. Not to mention, she makes the cutest jewelry and it works as a good addition to bangles you may already own.

We cannot forget that arm candy is not complete without a watch! My favorite watches to wear are Marc by Marc Jacobs and Ted Baker. I am also dying to get a Tory Burch watch so once I get one I will be sure to review it and let you all know how it is. The great thing about adding a watch to your arm candy is that it is a functional accessory. You can look good while being on time!IMG_3394Shown in the photo above is my Halcyon Days bangle, Pandora charm bracelet, and my Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Some other bracelets I like pairing with my arm candy is tons of Alex and Ani bangles, my Pandora charm bracelet, as well as my beloved David Yurman bracelet. The best part of arm candy is that you can pair designer pieces with low-end pieces. It is about how they all look together, not necessarily how much they cost!

What are some of your favorite arm candy pieces to wear!? Be sure to let me know.

XO Haley

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 7.07.40 PM


All You Need is Love

So today I went to where I will be interning to check it out and right across the street is the most amazing wall art! It was so cute and said LOVE all over it in red! My sister and I just had to stop and take a photoshoot in front of it (I mean everyone else walking by was doing it!) This also got me all excited for Valentine’s Day and to show the ones I love most how much they mean to me!IMG_3500I am wearing a Wildfox skater dress that is not only so adorable but also incredibly comfortable!  I love how this dress has long sleeves because it is perfect for California ‘winter’ (68 degrees).  I had no clue this mural would be on the wall and just happened to be wearing my heart dress, funny how it worked out!  The hat I am wearing is from Topshop, of course, and I absolutely love pairing Keds with almost every outfit!  They are the perfect shoe to just throw on and go.  They also match pretty much every outfit which is a major plus! FullSizeRender-6 FullSizeRender-7 IMG_3499I am loving my time in LA so far and I can’t wait to find more murals all throughout the city!  In light of Martin Luther King Jr. Day tomorrow and my post being about love he once said, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear!” I hope everyone has a nice MLK day off and that you all stay full of love and vest dressed!

XO Haley

Plaid Obsessed

So I am sure you all are learning very quickly that I am OBSESSED with plaid since so many of my outfit posts incorporate plaid into them.  I have had my love affair with plaid ever since I can remember (pretty sure my first bikini from Limited Too was plaid)! So when I saw these plaid pants I just had to get them!1796927_791249100924951_1777568582506202247_o

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