CALM YA TITS: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Suit to Fit Ya Tatas

Since Spring Break is just right around the corner I thought I would talk about my favorite swim suit brands! Finding swim suits is always a challenge for me because well… boobs. Having big boobs make it so you can’t just go to Target and buy the first cute skimpy suit you see. For me it took a lot of research for me to be able to find suits that are cute AND supportive. I can’t be flouncing around in the water unless the girls are secured!


IMG_1172This VIX suit is THE BEST. This suit is great because it comes in cup sizes and not just Small, Medium, Large. This suit is also great because it comes in so many fun colors and patterns. While this suit does not have underwire in it, it is still extremely supportive and by far my FAVORITE suit to wear! In this photo I am wearing  Tory Burch Sunglasses and Flash Tattoos.


IMG_3045I love, love, LOVE, this Seafolly suit! Seafolly is great because they make cup sizes as well! Australians must have the same conundrum as me! Seafolly suits never disappoint and I highly suggest them! I am wearing RayBan Sunglasses in this photo! This brand also make the cutest cover-ups!

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Sample Sale Survivor

Sample sale survivor, the few, the proud.

Phew! What a weekend my sister and I had going to sample sales in LA! We first went to the Nasty Gal sample sale and let me tell you, that was an EXPERIENCE. We got there at 9:40am and it was supposed to open at 10am. Of course the line did not even budge till around 10:40am. So, naturally, by now, my sister and I are ready to kill each other. Our backs hurt, the people in front of us are annoying, and it was supposed to start at 10am! We like when things are done promptly. So finally the line starts to pick up. This is the only Nasty Gal store currently open ever (the one in Santa Monica is opening this summer!) so they had never run a sample sale before. I hope they run there next sample sale much better than they did this one (AHEM, rent a warehouse in the warehouse district). It was technically called a “garage sale” and it was LITERALLY in the tiniest garage ever. Like maybe a one car garage, like come on people. So since the shopping space was so small the employees had to highly monitor how many people were in the space at one time. Since only about 10 people at a time would fit the line took FOREVER! I believe all in all we were at this sample sale for 5 fours. FIVE HOURS. It was insane. The prices of the items were pretty good but after five hours you kind of just want everything to be free. My sister got a skirt and we left as hangry as can be.


IMG_5274-1(The sample sale had me like ^^^)

Although my sister and I left Nasty Gal annoyed and saying we would probably never go to a sample sale again, we woke up the next morning to hit the Brandy Melville sample sale (who can say no to a good sale, I mean really). So we drove past the Brandy Melville sale and immediately went and got breakfast. There were probably 250 tweens all camped out ready to buy $5 brandy clothes. We came back around 2pm and it was swiped! I did manage to get a cool tank top, however! This Sunday, March 1 (side note: I cannot believe it is already March) there will be another sample sale for Brandy Melville!

Location: 664 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA (In the warehouse district in DTLA!)

I would get there at like 2am if you want anything good. Just FYI

In the tune of Destiny’s Child “I’m A Survivor”….

I’m a survivor, I’m a sample sale fighter, I’m gonna search harder, ’till I find the best deals

A Vest Dressed original!

XO Haley


Mood: Monochromatic

Black and white and grey all over! I love wearing monochromatic colors and I feel like lately it’s all I have been wearing, but hey, I don’t hate it! I am obsessed with wearing stylish sweatpants IN PUBLIC. And I mean, what could be better than wearing fashionable sweatpants?



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Chloe + Isabel Jewelry

I would like to introduce to you all Chloe + Isabel Jewelry! I am currently an ambassador for this amazing jewelry brand and would love for you all to check out the jewelry! I personally love Chloe and Isabel Jewelry because it is so cute and priced just right. I am a jewelry fanatic and I cannot go a day without being decked out in it. Jewelry adds the perfect touch to every outfit! I just got some new Chloe and Isabel jewelry that I cannot wait to show you!

Also, BIG NEWS, I am hosting my very first giveaway!! So click the link allll the way at the bottom to enter to win a FREE piece of Chloe & Isabel jewelry! What could be better than that?! I will announce the winner March 18th via instagram, so be sure to follow me on there to see if you are the lucky winner!

FullSizeRenderSince my birthday is in May I always love getting new emerald earrings! These emerald earrings I got from Chloe + Isabel are very pretty and the perfect size. I also got the Medina Amethyst + Turquoise cuff! This cuff is much daintier than I thought it would be but I absolutely love it. It is the perfect layering piece to go with the rest of my arm candy. And to go with this cuff I got the matching Medina Amethyst stud earrings. Purple IS my favorite color so these earrings are fabulous in every way, shape, form, AND color 😉  I also got this amazing coral and turquoise necklace that is very pretty and that I am sure I will be trying to pair with every outfit!

The Desert Bloom collection has just been released so everyone be sure to check it out! If you all are interested in buying jewelry please let me know so I can help you out with it! Just incase you go ahead and order some, at check out just put my name where it says “pop-up shop”

This jewelry will keep you extremely Vest Dressed!

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 9.50.53 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 9.51.26 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 9.51.40 PM

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Irene’s Story

Another one of my favorite boutiques is Irene’s Story! I always go to the one in Huntington Beach, California and it is awesome. I can always count on this boutique to have way too many things that I want!! It is all always so cute and organized on the inside, which makes shopping so much more pleasurable. This boutique has so many merging styles in one store, the clothes are always super fashionable and extremely affordable. What is better than cute clothes that don’t break the bank?! That’s right, nothing! I am going to show you an outfit that I got last weekend while visiting my favorite SoCal boutique.

FullSizeRender-6 FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender-8 IMG_4959washed henley tee//crochet short//Topshop wide brim fedora//Jack Rogers//Kate Spade

And yes, EEHHHPP that IS Lauren Conrad! Anyway, done fangirling (for now!) I have wanted some crochet shorts for soooo long and this pair from Irene’s Story was perfect. I love how they fit and how comfy they are. I love how I played with the colors of my outfit and mixed it up with a lilac fedora and a turquoise necklace! I love wearing hats and I love turquoise so I thought the two together would be perfect!

I hope you all get a chance to visit Irene’s Story someday in the near future and check out how awesome it is for yourselves! Don’t forget to check out my other Boutique Chic post from a few months ago!

Visit Irene’s Story to stay Vest Dressed! 🙂




On Friday I went and visited the Louis Vuitton Series 2 exhibit in Los Angeles! This exhibit was extremely innovative and very visually appealing.  There were about seven different rooms that the exhibit takes you through. Each room has a different visual for everyone to look at. It was so exciting and entertaining, I definitely suggest everyone checking it out if they are in LA!IMG_3754

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LA Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Or in my case I should say Glalentine’s Day! I had such a fun day today hanging out with my sister, her pup, and my new bestie! I started out the day by going to see the LOVE wall again! This wall has just been repainted about two weeks ago so even though I have already done a post in front of it, I thought why not do another on the one, the only, VALENTINE’S DAY!IMG_4893

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Rockin’ the Taschen

This past weekend my sister and I went and discovered some more of LA (obvi!) We heard about the Taschen Gallery wall so we had to go see it for ourselves. The wall says “THE ROLLING STONES IN PHOTOGRAPHS” in HOT PINK neon letters! I absolutely loved these letters and they made for the perfect backdrop for a blog post!FullSizeRender 6


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