Refinery 29 recently opened a museum in NYC and then they brought it to LA since it was so popular. This museum was called 29Rooms and it was a complete funhouse full of style, culture and technology. You got to go into special rooms that were all decorated different inside and had different meanings to them. It was so cool that a bunch of artists put together such a cool place for people to gather and check out. Keep scrolling to see some of the rooms and what I wore to the museum.

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Best Food at Disneyland

Disney aka where I plan what I want to eat weeeeeks in advance!! There are so many amazing food options at Disney – some better than others. I think in general I’ve decided that the food over at California Adventure is better than at Disneyland however, Disneyland definitely does have some yummy gems. Keep reading to see all of my favorite foods to snag while at the magical world that is Disneyland!

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Kim Possible

Call me, beep me if you want to reach me! Kim Possible is a cartoon I grew up watching and LOVING! She was a such a bad ass and I always wanted to be her for Halloween. Well, boom, I finally did it! keep reading below to get everything you need to be Kim Possible…psssttt it’s a pretty easy outfit! XO Haley

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Farmers Market Strollin’

Unfortunately, it is rare when I am off on Sunday. However, when I am off on a Sunday I love to go to the farmer’s market! This Sunday I went to the Melrose Place Farmers Market and it was really nice! There were lots of fresh fruit and vegetable stands to explore, flower stands and cute little shops that had clothes! Keep reading below to see what I wore!

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Bucket List

Lately I have been thinking a lot about things I want to do in my life. Some ridiculous and some that are hopefully reachable. I thought I would start this bucket list post so that once I do the items on it I can put a picture next to it and talk about my experiences! Alright… here we go!

  1. fall in love
  2. be in a music video
  3. fly in a hot air balloon ~even though I’ll be scared~
  4. fly on a private jet
  5. go on birthright
  6. go to Japan
  7. go to London
  8. create a jean line with my mom
  9. get a CORGI and love him forever and ever and ever
  10. go to Stagecoach
  11. visit all of the Disneyland’s all across the world (Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo)
  12. get a house in Hawaii
  13. Go to Duffs Cake Mix
  14. Watch a live taping of SYTYCD
  15. Go to Universal Studios
  16. Do the Paramount Studios Tour

That’s all I can think of right now but this is going to be one of those posts that I keep going back to to edit!

Do you guys have a bucket list!? If so link it below so I can read it ๐Ÿ™‚

Pumpkin Season

Ahhh October…the month of flannels, fall leaves, and of course, pumpkin E V E R Y T H I N G!! I have done a few fun activities to celebrate this fun and I just thought I’d share them here. Although it is currently one hundred and two degrees in Los Angeles – yes, you read that right – I am still trying to get in the spirit!

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New Job & the Perception of Clothes

So it’s been about a month in my new role as Assistant Manager and it’s going so well! The weirdest part about it however is that now I dress up a bit more and it has totallyyyyy changed people’s perspective of me. While it’s still me – the same old Haley – I keep getting comments like ‘wow! You’re so grown up now’ these comments don’t bother me too much but I’ve realized they are being said due to how I’m dressing.

It’s interesting the perception of clothes has on people. I’m always told don’t judge a book by its cover. That goes for actual books as well as people. A customer could come in looking beyond deshevled but spend thousands of dollars! I think this same concept applies for me.

In my old role I worked in men’s so I was allowed to dress more like a tomboy, if you will. I loved it. I love wearing denim and sneakers and graphic tees everyday to work. But in my new elevated role in the women’s designer section dressing up is a must!

These comments just remind me how versatile I am when it comes to my fashion ๐Ÿ˜‰ Remember not to judge someone off of appearance and to always & forever stay Vest Dressed!


Forkspot is the coolest new app and you all have got to check it out! It is a mobile app that gives you on-demand discounts every time you walk into restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. When I was trying this app out I went to go eat at the place called the Sit Down and it was DELICIOUS! Then after I went and got a huge ice cream with my discount at Baskin Robbins and it was perfect. Be sure to download Forkspot and give it a try to keep your budget Vest Dressed!

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In honor of my 24th birthday I thought I would go ahead and share 24 things about me that you may or have not have known. I am so excited for turning 24 and looking forward to a great year ahead!

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