I went to Colorado about a week ago to meet up with my best friend and it was so much fun! I felt like Nicole Richie a bit because I stayed on a ranch with dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and more! Getting away from LA and going to country life for a few days was the nicest thing ever. While in Colorado I went to Boulder and Denver which was nice that I got to see both major cities while in Coloradoimg_2718

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Palm Springs Getaway

Spontaneity is one of my favorite things ever and randomly I woke up one morning and said screw it, I’m going to Palm Springs for a night with my best friends. The drive down was traffic filled but I am SO glad I went for that one night. While there we went and got drinks at The Parker Hotel and then got delicious Mexican food. Also, on the drive down we stopped at the MECCA of all In-N-Outs and there was an In-N-Out University and we got matching Dad Hats and everything felt right int he world.img_2491

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Seven Magic Mountains & Vegas Recap

I went to Vegas last month with my family and on the way there, about 20 minutes before you hit Vegas there is a new art installation called the Seven magic Mountains which is SO.COOL. It is a bunch of rocks stacked on top of each other that are painted all different neon colors. These photos have NO editing so you can really see how bright they areDSC_0060

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Day Trip to Santa Barbara

IMG_9729This summer I really wanted to make a point to be spontaneous and make a day trip here and there. Well, alas, I went to Santa Barbara with one of my coworkers and had SO much fun! I had never been to Santa Barbara before and it was such a fun drive up the coast. Of course whenever I go on little road trips In-N-Out is a MUST. On the way there we stopped for a yummy burger for lunch and kept trucking to sunny Santa Barbara.

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Nashville, Tennessee Round-Up

So a few week’s ago I went to Nashville, Tennessee to visit my best friend and had the best time EVER. The best part about Nashville is definitely all of the live music. Everywhere you go on Broadway is live country music and it is such a good time! I found some really cool walls while in Nashville so I am going to show you some pictures of those and where to find them as well as the yummy restaurants we ate at.IMG_9349

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Saint Martin

I absolutely love traveling.  It is definitely one of my favorite things to do.  Learning about all of the new cultures and seeing how each place is different is so fun to see.  I have just gotten back from two weeks in Saint Martin with my family (it’s a miracle we are all still alive to be honest)!  This was my second time going to Saint Martin, the first time I was very young and on a cruise ship.  There is a huge difference in stopping at a port for nine hours and seeing an island for fourteen days.  If anyone is considering going to Saint Martin I highly suggest going there and staying at a hotel or in a villa (that’s what my family did) not on a cruise.

There are two sides to Saint Martin.  There is a French side (the side my family stayed on) spelled Saint Martin, and the Dutch side spelled Saint Maarten.  The French side is much more quaint and a lot quieter.  The Dutch side is a lot more built up and definitely not as quiet.  When visiting Saint Martin I would say that it is definitely essential to rent a car.  The island is so big and there is so much to do and see on it that without a car it would be extremely hard to take in the whole island.

Saint Martin is definitely an island to go to if you just loveeeee food and especially seafood.  Saint Martin is known to be a gastronomical island!  Here are some of the amazing French delicacies I indulged in!IMG_1274 IMG_1465 IMG_1841 IMG_1843 IMG_1974 IMG_2052So as you can see it was lots of fish, steak, and many french desserts that were of course my favorite part!

The advantage of staying in a villa is of course privacy.  You don’t have to share your pool or worry about anything really.  We had a house keeper and a chef and it made the experience pretty enjoyable.  Of course there are a few things as a family we would do differently if we were to plan another vacation to a villa in Saint Martin.  I took some pictures of the villa and of some cool sunsets… enjoy!DSC_0499 DSC_0758 DSC_0762 DSC_0783 DSC_0794 DSC_0819 DSC_0470 FullSizeRender-10 FullSizeRender-11 IMG_2730FullSizeRender-13 IMG_1838  IMG_3040There are also a million fun activities to do while on the island!  From hiking to jet skiing to horse back riding!  There is something for everyone on this island.  One of the coolest parts about this island is that the airport is literally practically on a beach.  The beach where the planes land is called sunset beach and they have a fun bar and it is a good time to go and have a few drinks and get some food and watch the planes land.  It is also one of the top ten most dangerous airports to land at (yikes)!IMG_1051 FullSizeRender-12 DSC_0961 DSC_1407 DSC_1427My family and I also did a day trip on a 47 foot catamaran and that was definitely something I would suggest (even if I did get a bit sea sick)!  It was a great experience and swimming and snorkeling in the ocean was amazing.  Our boat was called the Mojito and our captain was a great time which made the experience all the better!  Fun fact:  he took Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber on the same day trip my family went on (fan girling)!FullSizeRender-14All in all it was an amazing vacation that I will never forget.  I am so grateful that I got to go!  If any of you are thinking about planning a vacation to Saint Martin be sure to let me know so I can give you the scoop on where to stay, the best places to eat, and the funnest activities to do!

XO Haley