Styling Services

Styling is something that should be fun! Getting out of bed in the morning and getting dressed should be very exciting for you. Well if it’s not, that’s where I come in! My goal as a stylist is to have you feeling confident and comfortable in your clothing. Getting dressed should cause no stress! I love working with all ages whether you are 15 and need a homecoming dress or 60 and needing something to wear on an everyday basis! Email me at for pricing!


Consultation: This is where I would love to get to know a bit more about the client I will be working with. In this hour long session I hope to learn everything about your styling wants and needs. I will also have a quick survey for you to fill out.

At-Home Styling: Ever walk in your closet and look at everything and with a huge sigh say, “UGH, I have nothing to wear!!” Well, let me tell you, been there done that! I am here to help assist you with this problem! This service is for clients who need a fresh eye to look at their clothing. I will help you put together unexpected outfits with what you already own. With another eye looking through your wardrobe you will be shocked at what we will be able to reinvent!

In-Store Styling: Let’s go to the mall, today! (How I Met Your Mother Reference anyone?!) But for real this is where we will physically go to the mall together and shop. I will keep in mind what you already own so we don’t purchase similar items as well as offering my honest feedback on how everything fits and looks. I will also arrive at the mall an hour early to pre-shop for you. This is just to have a start for when you arrive, we will walk the floor together as well so you can pick out what you like as well!

Personal Shopping: Are you someone who gets a bit overwhelmed when shopping? Well have no fear, for I am here! If shopping is too much for you or if you hate it or don’t have enough time for it then this is for you! With information that you have given me about what look you are going for I will do all the shopping for you while you are at home relaxing. Once I am done shopping I will come by your house and have you have a personal fashion show. Once we decide what looked great we will go into your closet and see how to coordinate what you already own with it. If there are clothes you hate or that did not fit well I will handle the returns so you do not have to deal with that.

Additional services:

  • Holiday styling for all the parties and get togethers that will be going on the next 3 months
  • Vacation outfit planning so dressing up on vacay is fun!

Have more styling needs? Just let me know and we can work something out!

Outfit Services:

Custom Capsule Wardrobe: $500

Includes:10 outfits;10-15 basic items (tops, bottoms, dresses)

Additional accessories (coats, jewelry, handbag, shoes, special occasion dresses, camisoles, scarves)

2 edits for each outfit

Will make visual outfit composite for each outfit, link to items to buy at your leisure or we can do this all in-store together. The links come into place if you are an out-of-state client!

1 outfit: $100 an outfit

Top, bottom (or dress), shoes, jewelry/accessories/scarf and handbag

1 edit, will make you a visual of what the outfit will look like and will link to all items to buy at your leisure or we can go in-store to do this

What the client will receive upon completing outfit services with me:

A wardrobe/outfit that will help you look your best, the ability to purchase when you are able and the opportunity to be the confident woman you’ve always been.

Visual composites of each outfit

Links to each item (with their size available at the time of our session)

1-2 edits on each outfit depending on the service ordered

Answers to any follow-up questions concerning the outfit/wardrobe

I can’t wait to style you and make you the Vest Dressed around! 🙂