Trousers & Sunflowers

I have been super into trouser style pants recently. High waisted, belted and chic is what I am after when it comes to trousers. I am trying to challenge myself to not buy jeans anymore. I get stuck in a jean rut. I LOVE jeans. I can alwayssss find a reason to get yet another pair of denim. So, when I came across these I knew these were the move and to put the jeans I also had in my hand down for another time (or at least until they go on sale hehe). Keep reading below to see how I styled my trousers! XO Haley

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you’re so classic

There is nothing better than layering in cozy clothes when it gets cold out. A fashionable sweatshirt with a jacket on top is for sure one of my favorite looks. Keep reading below to get my sweatshirt details! XO Haley

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Best Food at Disneyland

Disney aka where I plan what I want to eat weeeeeks in advance!! There are so many amazing food options at Disney – some better than others. I think in general I’ve decided that the food over at California Adventure is better than at Disneyland however, Disneyland definitely does have some yummy gems. Keep reading to see all of my favorite foods to snag while at the magical world that is Disneyland!

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Bucket List

Lately I have been thinking a lot about things I want to do in my life. Some ridiculous and some that are hopefully reachable. I thought I would start this bucket list post so that once I do the items on it I can put a picture next to it and talk about my experiences! Alright… here we go!

  1. fall in love
  2. be in a music video
  3. fly in a hot air balloon ~even though I’ll be scared~
  4. fly on a private jet
  5. go on birthright
  6. go to Japan
  7. go to London
  8. create a jean line with my mom
  9. get a CORGI and love him forever and ever and ever
  10. go to Stagecoach
  11. visit all of the Disneyland’s all across the world (Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo)
  12. get a house in Hawaii
  13. Go to Duffs Cake Mix
  14. Watch a live taping of SYTYCD
  15. Go to Universal Studios
  16. Do the Paramount Studios Tour

That’s all I can think of right now but this is going to be one of those posts that I keep going back to to edit!

Do you guys have a bucket list!? If so link it below so I can read it ๐Ÿ™‚

Pumpkin Season

Ahhh October…the month of flannels, fall leaves, and of course, pumpkin E V E R Y T H I N G!! I have done a few fun activities to celebrate this fun and I just thought I’d share them here. Although it is currently one hundred and two degrees in Los Angeles – yes, you read that right – I am still trying to get in the spirit!

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1 Dress, 2 ways

I love being able to have a staple item in my closet and coming up with a thousandddd different ways to wear it. I’m going to show you how I wore one dress two different ways! Of course there are many different ways you could wear and style this dress which makes it so fun!

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Hiking the Santa Monica Mountains

I love hiking guys and it is also such a good bonding activity between my sisters and I! For this hike we decided to go to Sand Stone Peak which is the highest mountain in the Santa Monica Mountains, about 3,111 feet high! On the way to this peak there is a point called Inspiration Point which was a beautiful lookout areaimg_4554

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Furry Additions

When it comes to dressing up for holiday parties you don’t alwaysss have to be dressed to the nines. Wearing all black is an all time fan favorite and peoples choice most days so go ahead and wear that and add some fur to dress it up and make it more holiday-esque!dsc_1071

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Tie Neck Shirtdress

Neck ties are one of my favorite quirky accessories. Whether adding them to a dress or a blouse they are always a bit unexpected and take an outfit from blah to amazinggggg. I am wearing a fun floral shirt dress that has a necktieimg_1641

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Shoulder Cut-Outs

Shirts and dresses with shoulder cut-outs are going to be huge in 2016, which is why I wanted to start out my first post of the new year talking about them! These shirts are so versatile! Wear them to work, to happy hour, to going out with your friends.shoulder cut-out tops, faux fur cheetah jacket

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