Spheres of Hope

This weekend I went to MacArthur Park where they have candy-colored spheres in the lake. This was such a cool thing to see in an area that needs some major revitalizing. The artists put these colorful spheres in this park just for that reason. They wanted to show the people of Los Angeles that this park has a lot more to offer and many residents have been over looking its beauty. After seeing these spheres of hope it was clear that slowly MacArthur Park will come back to life with this art in the water.Spheres of Hope, MacArthur Park, DTLAI decided to wear PLAID of course! My favorite pattern ever! I went here with my sisters and it was so much fun!DSC_0226

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Mood: Monochromatic

Black and white and grey all over! I love wearing monochromatic colors and I feel like lately it’s all I have been wearing, but hey, I don’t hate it! I am obsessed with wearing stylish sweatpants IN PUBLIC. And I mean, what could be better than wearing fashionable sweatpants?



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