Bucket List

Lately I have been thinking a lot about things I want to do in my life. Some ridiculous and some that are hopefully reachable. I thought I would start this bucket list post so that once I do the items on it I can put a picture next to it and talk about my experiences! Alright… here we go!

  1. fall in love
  2. be in a music video
  3. fly in a hot air balloon ~even though I’ll be scared~
  4. fly on a private jet
  5. go on birthright
  6. go to Japan
  7. go to London
  8. create a jean line with my mom
  9. get a CORGI and love him forever and ever and ever
  10. go to Stagecoach
  11. visit all of the Disneyland’s all across the world (Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo)
  12. get a house in Hawaii
  13. Go to Duffs Cake Mix
  14. Watch a live taping of SYTYCD
  15. Go to Universal Studios
  16. Do the Paramount Studios Tour

That’s all I can think of right now but this is going to be one of those posts that I keep going back to to edit!

Do you guys have a bucket list!? If so link it below so I can read it πŸ™‚