1 Dress, 2 ways

I love being able to have a staple item in my closet and coming up with a thousandddd different ways to wear it. I’m going to show you how I wore one dress two different ways! Of course there are many different ways you could wear and style this dress which makes it so fun!

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Like Mother, like Daughter

While in St.Martin they have all of these tents that the local people put up and they sell so much stuff! Each tent is filled with dresses, shirts, jewelry, purses, and literally anything else you could imagine! They are so fun to look around at! I think I spent about two hours total strolling through but I could have spent five hours because there was so much to see!  The tents all set up look like this…


While shopping around my Mom (vestrb) found the cutest dress! Once I saw her try it on I knew I had to get it too! I loved how it looked on her so I got the same one for myself in white! It was so fun to have a matching dress with my beautiful Mom!  Below I will show the dresses!  I am wearing a top knot with mine that made me feel very festive in my new dress!  I also have Flash Tatoos on and I am wearing Jack Rogers with my dress!FullSizeRender-4


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