“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ― George Bernard Shaw

Ahhhh This is so exciting my blog is finally up and running!! I have wanted to start this fashion blog for quite some time so I am thrilled it is finally surfacing! I want to just tell you all a bit about myself!

My full name is Haley Alison Vest. I was born in 1993 making me just 21 years young to this day! My favorite color is purple, I am 5’9”, and I have curly auburn hair! I grew up in a military family so I am very used to moving to new states, houses, and schools. Growing up in a military family while challenging at times was always really fun and rewarding. My parents and siblings of course became my best friends throughout the years!


I have two beautiful older sisters who I look up to and who are my best friends. I have a handsome younger brother who is also my best friend and partner in crime. My father was a Colonel in the Marine Corps for 29 years and my mother was a teacher. I would be nothing without my family and I am so glad I have them! <3  I also am a total dog lover! I love puppies and I have four very important pups in my life!! I am a corgi enthusiast and anything and everything corgi makes me extremely happy! My parents have two corgi’s and a Jack Russell Terrier and my sister Kelsey has a corgi as well! I love them all dearly and I cannot wait to get my own Corgi one day!

IMG_8003 IMG_8780 IMG_9703 IMG_9051 IMG_9432 IMG_9711

If you click on their photo’s you will be taken to these cuties Instagram’s!

Even as a child I loved fashion!  I am working this red dress if I don’t say so myself!


I have been a dancer all my life and I will forever think of myself as a dancer. While dance was my first one true love and always will be my one true love, I have also fallen deeply in love with fashion. (We’re all allowed two true loves right?! That’s what Sex and the City taught me at least!)


P.S. I am also a Disney fanatic! (I mean who isn’t right?!?)

I am just about to graduate from Elon University in Elon, North Carolina (in between Raleigh, NC and Greensboro, NC) with a Psychology Major and a Dance Minor. My time at Elon has been something that I will never forget. College has taught me so many incredible lessons and has really changed my view on the world. Not only was my education great but I made some of the best friends that I know will stick with me through thick and thin! But now it is time for me to move on to my next journey and I could not be more excited!

Anywayyyyyyyy enough about me! Let’s get to fashion! I am a SERIOUS shopaholic!!! I have absolutely zero impulse control when it comes to clothes (sorry Mom and Dad)! I am forever faithful to Nordstrom (my favorite department store on the planet), J.Crew, ASOS, Brandy Melville, and Lulu Lemon! I get majority of my clothes and work out clothes from those places! I also love finding local boutiques in the area that I am living in!

I hope everyone enjoys my blog and thank you so much for visiting it! Please be sure to subscribe to my blog, follow me on Instagram(vestdressed_) and twitter(twiterlesshaley), and like my Vest Dressed Facebook page!!

I can’t wait to keep all of you lovely people in the know with all of the latest fashion trends so that everyone will be Vest Dressed!

XO Haley