Space is a huge trend right now but I have always loved space. Learning about the solar system and making the diorama in school was always so fascinating to me (or watching my Mom and sisters put it together for me so it looked pretty was fascinating – haha) It’s crazy to think though that there are all these other planets out there that we don’t know all too much about. I could go on and on about wormholes and if we can get from universe to universe (thanks Dad for having me watch so much SciFi with you haha) but I am going to go ahead and start talking about my space inspired outfit instead! Keep reading to see what I’m wearing and where you can get it too! XO

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Floral Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are my favorite and surprisingly I do not own too many of them! When this jumpsuit came in at Nordstrom I squealed, put it on my body immediately and then before even knowing what was happening I purchased it! No regrets though ya know because this jumpsuit is SO CUTE and CHIC and you all need it too!ย 

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Pretty in Proenza

I mean just call me Beyonce okurrrrr! I got this shirt when I saw it in Nordstrom and became enamored with it. Then literally two weeks later Beyonce posted a bunch of photos wearing this shirt and I didn’t think I could love this shirt anymore than I already did, but, alas now it is literally my favorite piece ever. Any whoooo this shirt gives me major 80’s vibes so I kind of ran with it. Keep reading to see how I styled it!

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Cozy Winter Outfit

Winter or maybe it’s just known as fall here in Southern California has hit and is in full effect. Even though I have lived all over and on the East Coast and in the MidWest I still get soooo cold when it drops below 70 here in Cali. So, I went and bought this amazing warm scarf that I wear more like a shawl! It is so big I tell people it’s a blanket, haha it is really so cozy I love it! AND the best part is that it is on sale so you all have lucked out!

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Brown Leather

Santa Monica Place always has really cool wall murals and while this new sunglass one seems so summery I love it! Keep reading below to find out what I am wearing! Express High Waisted Leather Pencil Skirt//N:PHILANTHROPY Alexa Deconstructed Tee//Gucci Sunglasses//Nike Shoes

A mid-length pencil skirt is great for me because it is the perfect length since I am so tall. I love that this skirt is brown since I don’t have a lot of brown in my wardrobe.

I am recently obsessed with this brand Philanthropy which is the top I am wearing. They make a lot of their clothes with rips and holes in them which is their signature. The tops are very thin so definitely only for style not warmth.

Be sure to get yourself a brown leather skirt this Fall to keep you Vest Dressed!

The Great

If you all don’t know about the brand called The Great then I am here to introduce you to it and have you completely obsessed with it! The Great is by the same girls who started Current Elliot. So, if you love Current Elliot then you will love The Great. The vibes of the brands are very similar. Very soft t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, summer dresses, and rad army jackets. I paired my The Great shirt with some Good American denim which I will rave about below! Keep reading to get all of my outfit details!

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