Beauty Must Have’s for Redheads

Redheads, redhead beauty picks, beauty for redheads, makeup for redheadsI am so excited to be collaborating on this post as well as many others to come (yay!) with another redhead blogger Amy from caught-redhead! She is very new to blogging so everyone welcome her in by checking out all of her social media handles…InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest! In this first post Amy and I are both discussing what our beauty must have’s are! If you are not a redhead I still suggest these items so keep reading no matter what color hair you have!Face lotions, MAC, cetaphil, best face lotions to useMAC Lotion

Haley: Oil Control Lotion by MAC: I have the oiliest skin around and I am not a fan. There is nothing worse for me than going to the bathroom midday and seeing that I am so greasy! This MAC oil control lotion does the trick! The lotion makes my greasiness decrease dramatically and it is the only lotion that has really worked for me!

Amy: Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer: I have been using this same moisturizer ever since I can remember! I tend to have more dry and flakey skin on my face, so I need intense moisture. Other face lotions I have tried tend to be so heavy and oily, instead of moisturizing. The Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer is the perfect amount of hydration without being heavy. I cannot live without this lotion! And it has SPF in it which is always a plus for my fair skin!

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Nude in the New Year

And by nude I of course mean nude lips! I am so obsessed with nude lips and I just went a bit crazy with getting a bunch of new nude shades to ring in this New Year. I am going to discuss all of the different colors I got and discuss all of the different brands and how they differ from one another.nudeinnewyear

So first, as all make-up gurus should know, you should ALWAYS use a lip primer or baume before applying lipstick. Applying a primer or baume before lipstick is key to the most amazing lips. The primer not only makes the lipsticks look nicer on the lips but it also adds hydration and shine. My favorite lip primers to use are by MAC and Chanel. {MAC lip primer, Chanel lip baume}

My favorite nude lip by MAC cosmetics is called Crème D’nude. This is just an awesome completely nude lipstick. There are no hints of pink or shimmer so it really gives your lips a completely nude look. {MAC ‘Crème D’nude’}

My favorite nude lip color by Nars is called Honolulu! It is almost like a honey nude color and I absolutely love wearing it. It also layers really well with some of the nude lip liners and lip pencils that Nars has to offer! {Nars ‘Honolulu’}

The best thing about YSL lipstick is that it is so infused with moisture that it glides on so silky smooth on your lips. I love YSL lipsticks and their 001 color, which is their classic nude color, is great. {YSL ‘001’}

I rave ALL the time about how much I absolutely LOVE Tom Ford’s lipsticks. If you have not tried them run out right this instant and get yourself some. I swear by this stuff. It is the best lipstick ever because it actually stays on for the whole day! And, the blush nude color is so pretty on the lips! I highly suggest this one! {Tom Ford ‘blush nude’}

Also!!  VERY EXCITING… this post is also my first post on!!  Everyone be sure to go check it out and follow hautemessmag on instagram and twitter!  Let me know if any of you go out and try these nude lipsticks so that we can all be nude in the New Year 😉

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XO Haley

Make-Up Madness

I thought for today’s blog post I would change it up and talk about some of my favorite beauty products!!  Of course I have many more favorites than what I am about to discuss but these are just a few I thought I would share!  Make-up and nail polish are two of almost every girl’s favorite things!! I know it is definitely mine. I am going to talk about some of my favorite make-up and nail polish brands, and hey, they are just in time for the holiday season in case you are still thinking of things to ask for for the holidays!


So first I have to start with talking about Stilla primer. This primer is amazing! It is truly a ‘one step correct’ skin tone correcting and brightening serum. With every use I am swirling my way to perfect skin. I especially love it in the winter because I tend to always be red in the face (not really sure why, maybe because it’s freezing and windy) but this helps sooooo much with my red wintery cheeks! It’s my go to one-step primer for sure!

My all time favorite foundation that I have ever tried is the NARS sheer glow foundation. This foundation goes on so smooth and is full coverage. It covers all of my blemishes and doesn’t make my face look greasy throughout the day. I highly recommend this foundation.

My favorite way to sculpt my eyebrows is by using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow. This dipbrow is smudge-free and water proof. It is a nice creamy texture and a must have in my daily make-up routine. Getting the dipbrow brush that goes with it is highly recommended because that is the best brush to use to apply the dipbrow with.

My favorite lip combo is when I wear MAC lip primer and then put Tom Ford lipstick on top of it. The MAC lip primer is so smooth and makes your lips softer then you could ever imagine. Tom Ford lipstick is a bit pricier but definitely worth the money. I could rave about Tom Ford lipstick forever. The lipstick goes on so smoothly and then it stays on for the WHOL DAY! Even after meals it is still on my lips. I absolutely love it.

My three favorite nail polish brands are Essie, OPI, and Sally Hansen insta-dry! OPI and Essie are my go-to nail polish brands! Whenever I want a new color of nail polish I go straight to the OPI and Essie colors! The Sally Hansen insta-dry is AMAZING! It actually dries really quickly! It is perfect if you are running late and really need to do your nails. You just throw some paint on and they are dry in 3 minutes instead of 15! It is a miracle.

Also just to let you all know a lot of the make-up I have discussed in this post is on sale! So get it while it’s a good deal, just click on the links and they will take you directly to the products!  Thanks so much for reading about my beauty favorites!

XO Haley