Cheryl Fudge

Patch, patch, patch, patch, patch *in the tune of Rihanna’s Work* PATCHES ARE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW GUYS and you are going to DIE over Cheryl Fudge. This is a place where patch dreams are made of! Cheryl Fudge is a DIY store where they sell patches and you can create your own personal jacket! They sell shirts, flannels, bomber jackets, jean jackets and much more there at the store that you can purchase and patch or you can bring your own item that you want to patch. Below I am showing my time making my jacket as well as an outfit I styled with my jacket (even though I pretty much wear this jacket any chance I get)!cheryl fudge, diy, patch, patches, jean jacketpatched jacket, LBD, nikes, long beach, quay

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