Biz. Cas.

Business casual is always a bit of a confusing dress code guideline if you ask me. While, I know this is not what people traditionally mean by business casual I went and ahead and did my very untraditional take on it.ย Wearing a superrrrr casual outfit and then throwing a blazer on to top off the look has been a go-to recently. I mean, if youโ€™re wearing a blazer no one can tell you that you arenโ€™t dressed nice enough, right!? Keep reading to see how I took a super casual outfit and threw a blazer on top of it to make it a little more put together and a little less slobby looking.

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Rose Bowl Flea Market

I FINALLY ventured to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and it did not disappoint. I have been wanting to go to this since I moved to LA so it has been on my list for about 3 years now ~wow how have I lived in Los Angeles for three years already!?~ I went with my sisters and best friend and we left Santa Monica at around 8ish and got to the flea at around 9am. It is in Pasadena so it is a little bit of a drive.

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Trousers & Sunflowers

I have been super into trouser style pants recently. High waisted, belted and chic is what I am after when it comes to trousers. I am trying to challenge myself to not buy jeans anymore. I get stuck in a jean rut. I LOVE jeans. I can alwayssss find a reason to get yet another pair of denim. So, when I came across these I knew these were the move and to put the jeans I also had in my hand down for another time (or at least until they go on sale hehe). Keep reading below to see how I styled my trousers! XO Haley

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you’re so classic

There is nothing better than layering in cozy clothes when it gets cold out. A fashionable sweatshirt with a jacket on top is for sure one of my favorite looks. Keep reading below to get my sweatshirt details! XO Haley

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Fosse Inspired

This outfit definitely made me think of Bob Fosse when I put it on! I think it had to do with the hat but either way I like that it made me feel like that haha for those of you who aren’t familiar he was a very popular and talented dancer. Anywhooooo keep reading below to see what I’m talking about! XO Haley

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Velvet Jacket

As ifffff you guys are even shocked I own this bad boy, I mean, come on. This jacket is so awesome and screams my name! Keep reading below to see how I styled it! XO Haley Topshop Bonded Velvet Jacket//Madewell ‘Whisper’ Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee//Madewell Highrise Denim Shorts//Gucci Marmont Logo Leather Belt//Vetements Metallic Logo Socks//Vans

This jacket turned a rather boring outfit into an amazing one. The bright berry hue of this crushed velvet jacket will bring life into any outfit. When it gets colder in California (which I think it’s about to) I will definitely be wearing this jacket with dresses and jeans! I will say, I wish this jacket was lined with something warm and cozy. It would make it so so so much better!

As of late I am super obsessed with Vetements so these logo socks that stick out of my vans were one hundred percent the vibe. I love wearing socks outside of my shoes! It is so funky and allows you to show off more of your personality.

Be sure to try out a velour trucker jacket this Fall to keep you Vest Dressed!

Velvet Mock Turtleneck

Velvet everything as of late! I saw this burnt orangey colored mock turtleneck and I immediately said yes puhleaseeeee. It’s the perfect fall piece for California since it is velvet and mock neck but also short sleeve-describes California fall perfectly!

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Yellow Check, Mate

Plaid season is back and cuter than ever, duh! If you don’t know by now that I am obsessed with plaid then hopefully you are just a new reader! Plaid is my favorite ever – I try to wear it in every season possible! I found this amazing plaid Topshop shirt and I cannot wait to show you all how I styled it. Keep reading to get the look ๐Ÿ™‚ XO Haley

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