PJ Perfection

Pajamas are probably one of my favorite things ever. When blogging and doing homework all the time it is crucial that I have a wide selection of comfy ones around. After all being pajama chic is all the rage, right!?Wildfox pajamas

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Flouncing Flamingos

Quirky prints are a huge summer trend and I absolutely love wearing them. I have a bit of a quirky personality so quirky prints fit me perfectly! I am wearing flamingos on my shirt and they are just so cute!how to wear quirky prints

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Rainbow Bright

I went to the Wildfox sample sale last Friday and it was a much better experience than previous sample sales I have been to! While at the sale I got this cute signature ripped Wildfox sweater. I have wanted one of these sweater for so long and it has not disappointed. Rainbow sweater, wildfox

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LA Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Or in my case I should say Glalentine’s Day! I had such a fun day today hanging out with my sister, her pup, and my new bestie! I started out the day by going to see the LOVE wall again! This wall has just been repainted about two weeks ago so even though I have already done a post in front of it, I thought why not do another on the one, the only, VALENTINE’S DAY!IMG_4893

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All You Need is Love

So today I went to where I will be interning to check it out and right across the street is the most amazing wall art! It was so cute and said LOVE all over it in red! My sister and I just had to stop and take a photoshoot in front of it (I mean everyone else walking by was doing it!) This also got me all excited for Valentine’s Day and to show the ones I love most how much they mean to me!IMG_3500I am wearing a Wildfox skater dress that is not only so adorable but also incredibly comfortable!  I love how this dress has long sleeves because it is perfect for California ‘winter’ (68 degrees).  I had no clue this mural would be on the wall and just happened to be wearing my heart dress, funny how it worked out!  The hat I am wearing is from Topshop, of course, and I absolutely love pairing Keds with almost every outfit!  They are the perfect shoe to just throw on and go.  They also match pretty much every outfit which is a major plus! FullSizeRender-6 FullSizeRender-7 IMG_3499I am loving my time in LA so far and I can’t wait to find more murals all throughout the city!  In light of Martin Luther King Jr. Day tomorrow and my post being about love he once said, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear!” I hope everyone has a nice MLK day off and that you all stay full of love and vest dressed!

XO Haley