Workout Wear

I love working out and nothing motivates me more than new, bright, cute and colorful workout clothes!!! I have recently been wanting to try a bunch of new workout legging brands and I finally splurged and bought a few of the brands I have been looking at. I am still in search of more awesome workout tops though so if you have any suggestions let me know below! Keep reading to get all of the details on my new workout outfit!

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Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga clothing is seriously the softest and best! This is my first pair of them and I am a HUGE fan. First of all, they are sparkly so what could be better!? Second of all, they are extremely soft and they don’t slide down when I work out which is a huge plus!

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Free People Workout Clothes

I love finding new workout clothes that are a bit different. Free People always has great options and I have finally been trying some of them out. I love how soft the fabrics are but definitely order a size down from what you normally wear! The material is super stretchy.

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Ivy Park

Beyonce has taken the world by storm more than evert lately. With Lemonade and Ivy Park launching in the fashion world Queen Bey is running the world, per usual. Since I work at a Nordstrom that has a Topshop section we have gotten the Ivy Park collection in stores. I have bought one of the sweatshirts but have had the pleasure of trying the rest of it on! I am going to give a little Ivy Park recap where I talk about how the collection runs as well as my favorite pieces!ivy park, beyonce, topshopThis is the sweatshirt I got and I am obsessed with it! It is so soft! So to start off, Ivy Park runs SMALL! I tell my customers to go a size or two up when trying on! The sweatshirts and mesh tops are all so cute and versatile in the fact that some of it could be worn as street wear known as athleisure. Some of my favorite items are definitely the see through jackets because you can see your outfit underneath the coat while the coat is on and I think that is extremely unique and one of a kind. The one thing I’d say about the leggings is that I do not feel like they hold you in as well as Lulu Lemon leggings. While Lulu Lemon is the MECA of all things leggings I still think everyone should hold themselves up to their standards.

The pricing on the Ivy Park collection is VERY reasonable. I thought that it would have been a bit ridiculously priced because well, Beyonce, but it is the exact opposite. I love that about this collection because while it is selling like wildfire they kept in mind that young people with not a lot of money ~AHEM ME~ would want the clothes. So making them attainable was something that was achieved and is pulling through for the Ivy Park team.

If you haven’t checked it out yet be sure to check it out and dance like Beyonce while in the clothing!

XO, graphic design

Fashionably Fit Friday

It is time for anotherΒ Fashionably Fit Friday post! In this post I finally tried someΒ Zella! I have always resisted wearing and trying Zella because I have been a die-hard Lulu Lemon fan for years and didn’t want to cheat on my go-to workout brand! But to my surprise I was very happy with how Zella wore!Nike, nike shoes, floral nikes, floral shoes

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